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Massage For People Living With Cancer

Specialized Massage Therapy for Oncology Patients in Cancer Treatment. Only available here and serving all of Florida.


Benefits of Specialized Oncology Massage Therapy & What You Should Expect

Oncology Massage is a safe and effective therapy recommended for cancer patients. As a specialized therapy, it is a powerful option for all phases of cancer treatment from diagnosis to recovery.

The benefits of Oncology Massage are many. It is an effective treatment for fatigue and assists patients in building and maintaining their stamina, so they can enjoy day-to-day life with friends and family.

This type of massage targets specific areas of the body with Ayurvedic oils, which calms the mind and strengthens inner resolve to handle any emotion that may surface. Essentially it grounds and energizes patients during this turbulent time in their lives. Particularly with anxiety. Many cancer patients face depression caused by anxiety, but oncology massage therapy helps soothe anxiety and reduce harsh emotions which in turn reduces depression.

Physical symptoms like pain and nausea are also common symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment, and oncology massage can also reduce these symptoms as well. Each therapy session assists patients with symptoms of specific ailments they may be experiencing that day. That’s what is so unique about this type of massage therapy.

Patients should expect each treatment to last a minimum of 90 minutes, while the initial session could take longer. For those suffering from cancer, oncology massage therapy provides a welcome reprieve from cancer treatments, both physically and mentally.





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