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Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Scar Tissue Release Therapy (Needleless Acupuncture)

When we think of scars, we think of a surgical scar that happens after an accident or injury. These scars can adhere to the muscles and even cause pain. By studying these scars on a broader basis, we’ve learned how to release these scars through electricity. This hands-on, non-invasive therapy releases and realigns restrictive tissue right from the visible scar to where it ends deep within the body. This scar tissue can have a lifelong physiological effect on the body. These scars also upregulate the nervous system, which is the same as trauma. This can, in turn, affect the entire body leading to pain for many years. The nervous system should be in balance with the parasympathetic nervous system. When we get stuck in a fight-or-flight cycle it reinforces stress and increased tension in our muscles. Eachof whichcreates strain on our body.

Interesting, nearly everyone has a scar, but not every scar presents a serious problem. Even vaccinations and childbirth can cause trauma to the body leaving a scar behind internally.

The key to healing tissue is to reverse this current of energy and getting the scar tissue back to the normal cellular process. Using this scar tissue therapy, you can enjoy better, long-lasting results.

Everyone’s Massage Therapy Services, LLC offers up the best and latest techniques for scar tissue release. By maneuvering and manipulating areas of the body, we can release pain and create a more harmonious environment for the body. Our nervous system gives our muscles their ability to move and interact with the environment. For relief from scar tissue, the pain it causes, and the problems it results in, consider our non-invasive scar tissue release therapy.



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